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5 Tips for Driving in Houston During Bad Weather

30 Oct 2019, by Madiha Hanif in Auto Accidents, Bad Weather

The City of Houston is prone to bad weather including heavy storms and flooding. Below are some tips on avoiding an auto accident during bad weather:

1. Slow Down
During bad weather in Houston, it is important to slow down so you avoid hydroplaning. As the rain is coming down, the roads become extremely slick which makes it a perfect recipe for cars sliding all over the road. Avoid speeding and make sure to keep both hands on the wheel so you have more control over your vehicle.

2. Turn on your Headlights
Visibility is important when you are driving in bad weather. People have problems seeing on a sunny day so during a bad thunderstorm that problem worsens. Turning on your headlights not only helps you to see the road better it also helps other drivers see your vehicle. Just make sure your lights are not too bright so you don’t create difficulties for other drivers. 

3. Extra Distance
Keep an extra distance between yourself and larger vehicles, including trucks or buses. During bad weather, larger trucks or trailers pose a greater threat to surrounding vehicles. Do not cut a larger vehicle off because the driver might be having more trouble than usual with watching out for nearby vehicles. Also, with strong winds lager vehicles become more unpredictable and can have difficulties staying in their lanes.  

4. Give Yourself Extra Travel Time
During bad weather in Houston, it is a good idea to give yourself more time than usual to get to your destination. Look at your travel route and see if there are any detours you are able to take in case of flooding or road closures. If it’s an option, definitely avoid or delay having to go to your destination during bad weather.  

5. Watch Out for Road Conditions
Besides watching out for other drivers, you must also be cautious of less than ideal road conditions. Tree or car parts are common types of debris that might be on the road during a bad storm. Keeping enough distance from the car in front of you and driving slowly can help you avoid hitting any debris on the roads.

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