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How To Get Full Compensation From Time Off Work After An Injury

10 Sep 2019, by Madiha Hanif in Auto Accidents, Lost Wages

Taking time off from work after an injury can be stressful. Not only are you trying to recover from your accident, there is also the added tension of lost wages and not knowing the end in sight. What you need to know is that lost wages, whether you are an employee or self-employed, can be recoverable from the date of the accident through the day you return to work. Here are some helpful tips and more information on lost income and recovering it:

What Counts As Lost Income And What Can You Recover?
The term “lost income” and “lost earnings” includes an individual’s salary, benefits, bonuses, vacation time and other “perks” that is included in your job. If you missed work due to an accident or from time off dealing with injuries from that accident, you have a right to recover the lost wages from the person at fault in the accident or from that person’s insurance company. 

Documenting Lost Income
For those employed by someone else, it is imperative that your employer verifies you were not able to work. You also need a note from a medical provider releasing you from work duties. If you neglect to have a note from a medical provider, it can be argued by the insurance company that you didn’t need to take time off work. 

Individuals who are self-employed also have a right to recover lost compensation as a result of injuries from an accident and not being able to work. Best way for self-employed individuals to prove income lost is to provide past tax returns to show how much money you would have made during the time missed. Also, include documentation for any extra staff you had to hire to cover your job duties.

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