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What To Do If You Are In An Accident While Driving A Rental Car In Houston?

23 Sep 2019, by Madiha Hanif in Auto Accidents, Hiring A Lawyer

It is stressful enough to be involved in a car wreck, but more so when the vehicle you are driving is a rental car. Getting into an accident with a rental can occur while you are on vacation or while your car in the shop for some work. Below are some things to remember if you are in this situation.

Seek Medical Help
Your first action should be to see if anyone involved in the accident is injured. If yes, call 911 so help is sent immediately. Remember that if there are medical bills involved that you keep them all. This will come in handy if you need to report lost wages due to the accident. Also, make sure to take pictures of any damage that occurred because of the accident. 

Exchange Information
As you would if you were driving your own vehicle, it is crucial to exchange contact and insurance information with any drivers/parties involved. The information exchanged is important because that is what your insurance company will be asking you about right away. 

Contact Insurance Company
Call your insurance company and let them know about the accident and relay the information you received from the parties involved in the accident. You should also see if your insurance policy includes something called comprehensive and collision coverage. This is the coverage that protects your rental car in case of accidents.

Contact Rental Company
After all of these steps, make sure to contact the rental company and see how you need to proceed. Each rental company has different policies, procedures and paperwork so it is important to pay attention to everything they relay to you and to fill out all paperwork correctly.

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